In the past decade our staff accumulated thousands of hours in designing and shaping some of Israel’s most influential feature film soundtracks.

Backed by our logistics department, we are able to handle large scale projects through all stages of the sound creation.

Thousands of hours of experience.

Jungle Sound is an expert in soundtrack creation for television series and documentary films, having created soundtracks for dozens of projects and worked with numerous production companies under tight schedules.

Jungle Sound is Israel’s undisputed leader in providing soundtrack creation services for television channels, fed into the Israeli networks. Disney channels, Channel 2 “Reshet” – are a few of the channels that chose to incorporate Jungle Sound as their house studio for their Animation series and Promotion departments.

Jungle Sound has extensive experience in soundtrack creation for games, having undertaken among others, the sound design and mix for several PlayStation (for Sony Europe), lots of Facebook and mobile games . In addition, we provide Dolby Surround sound creation for television and computer games



what we provide

Jungle Sound provides you with an end-to-end, high quality sound package solution for every single phase in the creation of a soundtrack. From recording, through soundtrack design, music composing and up to Dolby Digital mix for cinema, we create a wide range of quality soundtrack packages for feature films, games, commercials and television series as well as television branding and packaging.

Using networked communication, Jungle Sound has the ability to record and produce online projects with clients overseas, thus enabling us to provide online ADR sessions among other project that require synchronization with studios abroad.

The design of a soundtrack is what differentiates a sound technician from a sound creator. At Jungle we believe that great sound makes for an outstanding experience for the viewer, infusing fun and passion, and breathing life into images.

The sound design at Jungle starts with the most experienced and talented creative sound editors and music composers who have full access to a variety of musical instruments, software technologies and hardware platforms in the Jungle studios. When used together correctly, these tools assist us in creating distinctive and original scores for each project, and provide a wide and solid base for the design of exceptional sound, instilled with individuality, distinction and creativity.

The ever increasing worldwide demand for surround mixing receives Jungle’s full attention. Whether for analog television broadcasting using Dolby SR, or DVD preparation with Dolby Digital, surround mixing has become an inseparable and permanent fixture in the world of cinema, television, gaming and even music production. From transforming mono to surround or creating a full six channel surround mix for computer games or movies, Jungle provides a comprehensive solution for any surround requirement.

Jungle sound has the ability to produce score music for motion pictures composed and delivered by the best musicians in israel. we also provide customized editing of library musics from our vast music bank.

our facilities include a foley recording room with different types of footsteps surfaces and all the props you need for a decent foley session.