Noa Rot/Pardes Productions/Sound Design- Itzik Cohen

  • Dancing in Jaffa
    Dancing in Jaffa
  • Dinj
  • From Russia with LOVE
    From Russia with LOVE
  • Sacred Sperm
    Sacred Sperm
  • Route 90
    Route 90
  • HaMadrich LaMahapecha
    HaMadrich LaMahapecha
  • Google Baby
    Google Baby
  • Where Is The Food
    Where Is The Food
  • Hasanegorya
  • Sound of Torture
    Sound of Torture
  • Girsa Deyankuta
    Girsa Deyankuta
  • Seret Aravit
    Seret Aravit
  • Powder
  • Incessant visions
    Incessant visions
  • Made Like A Gun
    Made Like A Gun
  • The Kibbutz
    The Kibbutz
  • Bil’in My Love – Bil’in Habibti
    Bil’in My Love – Bil’in Habibti
  • Against Your Will
    Against Your Will